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By way of introduction

August 22, 2010

In mid-summer 2010, a group of involved public school parents met as a group to discuss how parents — as key, yet relatively unrepresented stakeholders in our public schools — could play a part in the byzantine political process that determines which candidates become front-runners for a seat on the Board of Education.

To us, the Board of Education is tremendously important: its seven members make decisions about spending and distributing the scarce resources that determine whether our classrooms are well-maintained and well-supplied, whether our teachers are well-trained and appropriately evaluated by their principals, and whether every child in our schools is receiving the attention and care they need to get the world class education we want for them.

Too often in the past, the Board of Education has been seen as a training ground for aspiring politicians rather than a body that requires thoughtful, knowledgeable and qualified candidates who take their responsibilities to all of the City’s children seriously.

We formed the San Francisco Parent political action committee with the idea that better-run schools will result in better-educated students and ultimately, a more vibrant and economically-robust city.  We hope that by communicating our choices to voters, the many people who aren’t well aquainted with our Board of Education or San Francisco schools in general will appreciate the guidance and help us elect candidates who will truly move our schools forward.