Correction on July 17th communication

August 17, 2013

In The San Francisco Parent Political Action Committee’s (SF Parent PAC) July 17th communication, we incorrectly stated information regarding the full funding of the Public Education Enrichment Fund (PEEF):

The SF Parent PAC would like to correct the record from its July 17th communication. The full funding of Public Education Enrichment Fund will ensure every public elementary school will have at least a part time Physical Education teacher and librarian.
We apologize and take responsibility for disseminating incorrect information on July 17th when we communicated that “every public elementary school will have a full time Physical Education teacher and librarian in the upcoming year.”
We would like to thank Lafayette Elementary parent Annette Hurst, Board of Ed Commissioner Emily Murase, Deputy Superintendent Guadalupe Guerrero, and Kathy Fleming, the Director of the Public Education Enrichment Fund for working with the SF Parent PAC to assist us in correcting the record.
The SF Parent PAC Steering Committee
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