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The Drumbeat Continues–The Democratic Party and Parents For Public School Join The Soda Tax Grassroots Coalition

February 28, 2014
The San Francisco Parent Political Action Committee (SF Parent PAC) is pleased to announce that last night, February 26, 2014, the San Francisco Democratic Party overwhelmingly passed a Resolution calling on the Board of Supervisors to place The Soda Tax on the Nov 2014 ballot. The vote was 19-2 in favor of the Resolution. For more information you can contact the San Francisco Democratic Party at
In other Soda Tax news, today, Parents For Public School in San Francisco (PPSSF) announced its endorsement of the Soda Tax.
The SF Parent PAC welcomes both organizations to a growing grassroots coalition of supporters who are prioritizing the health of San Francisco’s children.
You can read PPSSF’s press release below.
SF Parent PAC Steering Committee


Funds to support recreation and nutrition programs in schools and the broader community.

San Francisco, California – On February 24, 2014, the Board of Directors of Parents for Public Schools of San Francisco (PPS-SF) unanimously voted in favor of supporting a two cent per ounce tax on sugary beverages sold in San Francisco. The group touted the financial windfall – estimated to be approximately $31M annually – to schools and city agencies to support health and wellness as its primary reason for supporting the initiative.

“At PPS-SF, we talk with parents every day,” said Board President Matt Kelemen. “They know, and we know, that good health and success in school are deeply connected. Any chance we can take to promote good health for kids – and generate much-needed revenue for our public schools at the same time – is a step in the right direction.”

A Harvard School of Public Health report showed that one out of three children in the United States is overweight or obese. Furthermore, a study by G. A. Bray and B.M. Popkin in Pediatric Obesity revealed that consumption of calorie-sweetened beverages has continued to increase and may play a role in the obesity epidemic, metabolic syndrome and fatty liver disease, whereas reducing intake of soft drinks is associated with less weight gain and metabolic improvement.

According to research published by Halfon, DuPlessis, and Inkelas in 2007, disease prevention and health promotion affect the trajectory of children’s development, including reducing risk factors and strengthening protective ones.

“We are eager to see financial support – coupled with a coordinated, cross-departmental implementation strategy across our city and school district offices – to enrich children and families’ understanding of the physical and emotional benefits of adopting a healthy diet and regular exercise regime,” said PPS-SF’s Executive Director, Masharika Prejean Maddison. “It is imperative that our children are afforded the opportunity to learn how to effectively nourish their bodies to promote long, healthy, and prosperous lives.”

About Parents for Public Schools of San Francisco

The mission of PPS-SF is to support student success by developing effective school-parent partnerships, strong parent relationships, and broad community support for public education.




February 21, 2014

The San Francisco Parent Political Action Committee (SF Parent PAC) is pleased to pass along the following information regarding Bay Area polling on a Soda Tax.  The following is a press release from Choose Health SF.  Choose Health SF is a local political committee organizing to pass a local Soda Tax.
FEB 20, 2014
Today, the Field Research Corporation released their latest poll numbers on the soda tax. In the San Francisco Bay Area, voters overwhelmingly support a tax on soda and other sugary drinks by 78%!

That follows the Field Poll from last year that showed San Francisco Bay Area voters supported the tax at 75%. Let’s keep that number growing!

We expect to see those numbers continue to climb as awareness rises about the negative health impacts of sodas and other sugar-sweetened drinks.

The Field Poll aligns closely with our own polling from FM3 showing support for this measure in the mid 60’s as well as a poll from the McCarthy Center at USF mirroring our own results.

All 4 polls tell the same story – San Franciscans understand the harmful effects of sodas and sugar-sweetened drinks on the health of our community, and they support the revenue that will fund physical and nutrition education in our public schools, sports programs at our rec centers and access to healthy food and clean drinking water fountains and water bottle filling stations.

Let’s stand together for healthy kids and healthy communities!

We are printing signs to post in businesses in your neighborhood. Can you help us get those signs printed by donating today? Go to Your contribution of $50, $150, or $250 will pay for the signs that show support.

Big Soda can write a blank check for their “astro-turf campaign” – but your donation will supporta real, grassroots effort neighborhood by neighborhood.

Thank you for your support.

–Choose Health SF Campaign Team

P.S. Please show your support for Healthy Kids, Healthy Communities by donating today! There are no contribution limits. The more you donate the more signs we can print and distribute!




February 11, 2014

cans of soda

The San Francisco Parent Political Action Committee (SF Parent PAC) is pleased to announce that last night (2/10/14) the San Francisco PTA (2nd District Parent Teacher Association) unanimously endorsed  the San Francisco Soda Tax.  The SF PTA joins a growing list of grassroots organizations and elected officials endorsing The Soda Tax.  The most recent endorsements of The Soda Tax include Assemblymember Phil Ting; Supervisor David Campos; and The California Nurses Association.  Finally, the Executive Board of UESF (San Francisco Teacher’s Union) has recommended endorsement to its membership.


The Soda Tax would levy a $.02 per ounce tax on all  sugary beverages of 25 calories or more with sugar added to them (exempted from this tax are juices, milk products, and nutritional supplements like Ensure).  The tax is estimated to reduce consumption of sugary beverages by up to 25% as well as raise $31 million annually to fund active recreation in SF’s public schools and Rec and Parks.  Additionally the revenues will be used to help access to healthy foods and nutritional education through SF’s public schools and the SF Dept of Health.


The Soda Tax has already been endorsed by Senator Mark Leno; Assemblymember Tom Ammiano; Supervisors Wiener, Mar, Cohen, Avalos. and Chiu; the SFUSD Board of Education, The Hospital Council of Northern California; The SF Medical Society; and The Trust for Public Land.


On another note, Dana Woldow, a columnist for Beyond Chron has been doing an outstanding job of chronicling Big Soda’s deceptive practices in fighting the soda tax.  You can read her latest article here


Finally, The SF Parent PAC can not do this work alone.  With your support, we can continue to give parents a strong voice in San Francisco politics.  Please consider donating here


You can read the San Francisco PTA’s press release in its entirety here