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Former Clinton Labor Secretary Robert Reich and Supe. Yee Endorse the Soda Tax And Check Out Your Supe’s “Family Friendly Report Card”

September 28, 2014

The San Francisco Parent Political Action Committee (Parent PAC) is pleased to announce that former Clinton Secretary of Labor, Robert Reich and District 7 Supervisor Norman Yee have endorsed Yes on Proposition E–The Soda Tax.  Supe Yee is the 8th Supervisor to endorse the measure.

Secretary Reich and Supervisor Yee’s support adds to an incredibly broad based and diverse grassroots coalition that includes the SF Democratic Party, The Alice B Toklas LGBT Dem Club, The SF Tenants Union, The Willie B Kennedy African American Dem Club, The Bernal Heights Dem Club, The San Francisco PTA, SEIU 1021, United Food and Commercial Workers Local 648, UESF, The American Heart Association, The California Medical Association and many more. . . For a complete list of endorsements check out

Have you ever wondered how “family friendly” your Supervisor is?
Here is the Parent PAC “Family Friendly” Report Card on all 11 Supervisors.  Check out your Supervisor’s grade and see if she needs to report to office hours for extra credit!