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San Francisco Parent Political Action Committee Supports Affordable Housing Measures on November 2015 Ballot

September 10, 2015


For Immediate Release

Contact: Michelle Parker, President, SF Parent PAC

San Francisco Parent Political Action Committee Supports Affordable Housing Measures on November 2015 Ballot

September 10, 2015 (San Francisco, CA) – The San Francisco Parent Political Action Committee has taken position on five November 2015 ballot measures critical to keeping families in San Francisco.

  • Prop A [Affordable Housing Bond] – YES
  • Prop B [Enhancement of Paid Parental Leave for City Employees] – YES
  • Prop D [Mission Rock Development] – YES
  • Prop F [Short-term Residential Rentals] – NO
  • Prop I [Mission Development Moratorium] – NO

The common theme here is affordable housing, which is the focus of four of the five measures and has also been an area of focus for the Parent PAC over the past year.

The YES Positions. Both of the housing measures are on the ballot because they must be by law; they will also positively affect the stock of affordable housing in San Francisco.

Prop A provides $310 million for affordable housing (building, acquisition, improvement, etc.) through a bond. Per California law, bond measures must go to the voters and be passed with 2/3 of the vote, so this is not an issue that can be handled by the Board of Supervisors.

Prop D is on the ballot as a result of the passage of Prop B in 2014, which restricts height limits on the Waterfront unless voters approve otherwise. This measure covers the area south of AT&T Park across from McCovey Cove and the plans were put together through a multi-year community engagement process. It has been met with broad support and would create open space, a parking garage, renovation to historical property, and more. Most importantly, 40% of these new units will be affordable housing.

The NO Positions. Both of these measures are the wrong approach to solving San Francisco’s affordability crisis and will not make it easier for families to stay in the city.

Prop F addresses the hot topic of short-term rentals, and while some of the concepts are good, this measure does not belong on the ballot. Any policies put in place to regulate short term rentals should be done legislatively. Passing this measure would make it impossible for our elected officials to respond to new circumstances or information as this new economy plays out. If Prop F passes, any amendments to the measure or new regulations on short-term rentals will not be permitted via legislation–but only through the passage of another ballot measure. Additionally, the Board of Supervisors has put in place recent policies and regulations that have had little time to take effect.

Prop I is playing to people’s emotions but is not good policy. Halting new building in the Mission just means more people will be displaced as the Mission will continue to be a popular destination for new residents of San Francisco to live. This area has seen high levels of displacement but has also had some of the lowest increases of new housing stock available of any neighborhood in San Francisco. Said Parent PAC President Michelle Parker, “Prop I is making people feel good, but in a few years if additional housing has not been added to the neighborhood, supporters of Prop I will realize the misguided nature of this proposition.”

Prop B expands paid parental leave for City employees in two important ways: (1) allowing new parents to retain accrued sick time rather than be required to use it all up before using parental leave; and (2) allowing City employees, who are part of a two-City employee household, each to take his or her allotted parental leave, rather than being limited to a maximum leave for both employees combined. We support these measures because they respect the needs of parents upon the birth or adoption of a child. New parents — maybe more than anyone — need sick time to take a child to the doctor or stay home when sick themselves. Eliminating the maximum household leave properly affords leave based on the service of individual employees, as would be the case in any other employment situation. These are modest but meaningful changes that make sense for parents.

About the San Francisco Parent PAC
Founded by and for San Francisco parents in 2010, San Francisco Parent Political Action Committee (PAC) is committed to giving parents a voice in the political process to positively impact the lives of all San Francisco families. San Francisco Parent PAC supports and promotes city candidates, measures and policies that will most effectively:

  • Ensure high quality education for every child in every neighborhood;
  • Increase access to affordable youth programs that support working families and enrich the lives of our children; and
  • Sustain healthy, safe and vibrant communities citywide.