SF Board of Education Endorsements for November 6, 2018 Election

October 14, 2018
The SF Parent PAC is excited to announce our full endorsements for Board of Education: 
Michelle Parker (early endorsed) brings a depth and breadth of experience in San Francisco’s public schools that is truly unmatched by any first-time candidate for school board. Her 13+ years of leadership in her children’s schools, district-wide PTA, district community advisory committees, local bond and funding measure campaigns, and spending oversight committees makes Michelle the most qualified candidate for school board that we have ever considered. She will immediately put her knowledge and experience to work for San Francisco’s children.
Michelle is committed to every child’s success in our schools. She is a bridge builder and a collaborator, and anyone who has worked with her knows she works for results, not ego. Finally, as a public school parent herself, she knows how the district has fallen down on partnering with parents. Michelle is committed to holding the district accountable for both accurate and timely communication and meaningful parental involvement.
PhilKim impressed us with his background as an educator and STEM curriculum expert. Phil has developed, tested and rolled out an elementary level STEM curriculum nationwide; he knows what it takes to create outcomes. Preparing SFUSD students for the 21st century jobs that will be available in SF is something Phil will champion. As well, Phil believes that teaching and learning are the most important elements for success in education, but not enough attention is devoted to them. We welcome Phil’s knowledgable voice on the Board on this topic. Finally, this is Phil’s second campaign for school board and we were pleased to see that he not only stayed involved since his last run (many don’t), but actually deepened and developed his commitment. 
John Trasvina impressed us with his broad and deep leadership experience. 
Until recently he served as Dean of the Law School at USF, and the job of running a school will give John a wealth of experience to draw from as a Board of Education Commissioner. John has been a stalwart advocate for civil rights, including working under both President Obama (Fair Housing & Equal Opportunity) and President Clinton (Dept. of Justice special counsel on immigrant workplace rights), and as President and General Counsel of the Mexican American Legal & Educational Fund. Related, we deeply appreciated John’s insistence that social justice and equity are not in opposition to, but walk hand in hand with, academic excellence and rigor. John is himself a graduate of SFUSD schools and currently serves as the Chair of the Lowell Alumni Association. We look forward to having John’s unique voice, background and experience on the SF Board of Education. 
We truly appreciate the commitment of all of the candidates to making San Francisco’s schools the best they can be. 
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