SF Parent PAC Endorsements for the June 5 Election

May 30, 2018

Below is our complete list of endorsements for the June 5 Election:

#1 London Breed
#2 Mark Leno

Our process: We reached out to the three top candidates based on current polling, London Breed, Mark Leno and Jane Kim, and asked them to spend no more than 30 minutes answering a short set of questions (sent ahead) that mattered to us. Both London Breed and Mark Leno responded. We videotaped the answers and you can view them here. We considered the answers to our questions, their records and other campaign statements in making our decision.

Without a doubt, both London Breed and Mark Leno have strong track records in support of families and children. Both recognize the importance of keeping families in San Francisco and see clearly the challenges families face in terms of suitable housing, quality schools, affordable fun and safe neighborhoods. Their views on some topics — like urging the school district to provide appropriate math options for all students — were the same.

While they both had good answers, London’s personal experience as well as her pragmatic and fresh approach to solving complicated issues earned her our top slot.

London Breed grew up here in the Western Addition, raised by her grandma in public housing. She attended SFUSD schools, graduating from Galileo High School before attending UC Davis. After college, she came right back and has been a leader in her community, especially focused on efforts to support youth, like violence prevention and the arts. She has personally experienced both the good and the “needs improvement” of what our city has to offer to its families. We believe she will draw on that experience as mayor to address the needs of our kids.

In short, we are lucky to have two top-notch public servants vying for the job of mayor. We’ve got big issues to solve, and we look forward to working with the next mayor to tackle them.

District 8 Supervisor:  Jeff Sheehy

Jeff is a public school parent and an original member of the Parent PAC steering committee. He has dedicated his career to lifting up people and issues who are ignored or sidelined by society — and he has brought that fervor to the Board of Supervisors. After being appointed to D8 supervisor by the the late Mayor Ed Lee, Jeff has drawn on his experience as an activist to bring attention to critical issues, such working to get homeless youth off the street and into transitional housing. But he also has focused on the bread and butter issues of daily life in his district, with a lot to show for it, including: (1) securing funding to activate the Noe Valley Town Square as a community space; (2) getting stop signs installed on key corridors in Diamond Heights; (3) identifying funding for after school reading programs in SFUSD schools; (4) helping to create open space in Glen Park; and (5) finding — FINALLY — a new owner and tenant for the long-vacant formerly Real Foods space on 24th street. He has the support of the former D8 Supervisor, now-Senator Scott Weiner. We believe Jeff is the right person for the job and should be re-elected.



Yes on Prop C – funds expansion of early education/child care programs
Yes on Prop D – funds affordable housing (supportive, low-income, middle-income)

Both propositions would tax the commercial rents in SF to support laudable things: Prop C would expand subsidized child care to serve the approximately 2000+ kids who are qualified for subsidized child care but can’t get a spot because there’s not enough funding. Prop D would create a fund (about $1 billion over 10 years) that the Mayor’s office of Housing would use to build affordable housing at multiple levels: supportive housing for formerly homeless, low-income and also middle-income (families earning around the median income, so about $80-$120K for four — these are teachers, firefighters, etc.).

Unfortunately, due to petty and childish political gamesmanship, only one can win. If BOTH meet their respective thresholds to pass (which are different), the one with the most votes prevails. We support both child care and housing, so we urge YES votes on both.

Yes on E – ban on flavored tobacco

This is easy. Big Tobacco wants to hook kids on flavored products because nicotine addiction is the gift that keeps on giving — to them.

YES on Prop G —  funds salary increases for SF teachers

Teachers need to be paid more, plain and simple. San Francisco educator salaries are low by any standard, and they’re unworkable when you consider the high cost of living here.

Prop G will raise about $50M a year for a fund to increase teacher salaries — the goal being for SF educator salaries to be in the state’s top quartile by the 2019-2020 school year. The source of the funds is a $298 parcel tax (which will grow with inflation) for the next twenty years.

Go Vote!

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