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Afterschool For All Resolution Passes Board of Education 7-0

April 11, 2014

The San Francisco Parent Political Action Committee (Parent PAC) is pleased to announce that Commissioner Jill Wynns’ Resolution guaranteeing a space for all families who desire one, in a high quality afterschool program at their child’s school site, passed unanimously at the Board of Education on Tuesday April, 8th 2014. (A copy of Commissioner Wynns’ Resolution is here: AFA Resolution)

Some of the changes called for in the Resolution (i.e. an online centralized payment system and a sliding payment scale) will begin to be implemented in school year ’14-’15.  Furthermore, according to SFUSD staff, capacity for afterschool programs should also increase during the next school year.  Full implementation of Afterschool for All is targeted for the’15-’16 school year.

In coordination with Commissioner Wynns, Supervisors Farrell and Kim have introduced complementary legislation at the Board of Supervisors. Furthermore, the Supervisors plan on holding a hearing on the need for high quality Afterschool For All programming at an upcoming joint BOS/BOE Joint Select Committee. The Parent PAC will keep you posted on the date and time of that hearing.

In July, 2013, The Parent PAC stated that guaranteed, site based, high quality Afterschool For All programming was our top policy priority.  We would like to express our gratitude to Commission Wynns for her leadership on this issue, as well as thank Supervisors Farrell and Kim for their stalwart support of the policy.  The Parent PAC would also like to recognize Maria Su and Sandra Naughton from the Department of Children Youth and Their Families as well as The Expanded Learning Collaborative for their years of work on this issue.

The Parent PAC cannot do this work alone.  Please consider contributing to the Parent PAC so we can continue to make a San Francisco a city where families can thrive!  You can contribute here.


Board of Ed Commissioner Wynns Authors Resolution to Make After School For All the Policy of SFUSD

November 26, 2013

The San Francisco Parent Political Action Committee (Parent PAC) is pleased to announce that on Nov 5, 2013, Board of Education Commissioner Jill Wynns authored a Resolution to make it a policy at San Francisco Unified School District that high quality afterschool programming for all students exists at each school site. Commissioner Wynn’s Resolution can be found here: Wynns After School Resolution.

Supervisor Jane Kim has already offered a supporting Resolution at the Board of Supervisors encouraging the City of San Francisco to support this policy. Additionally, Supervisor Mark Farrell has called for a hearing to discuss making high quality afterschool programming for all students at each school site a reality.

The Parent PAC has been working collaboratively with Commissioner Wynns, Supervisor Kim, and Supervisor Farrell.  All three elected officials recognize the importance of this policy to help make San Francisco a city where “families can thrive.”

We can’t do this important work without your support; you can help us continue to communicate with families and elected officials about important issues like high quality afterschool programming. Please consider donating by credit card or by check.

– The Parent PAC Steering Committee


SF Parent Political Action Committee Applauds Supervisor Farrell For Calling A Hearing to Discuss Afterschool For All

October 23, 2013
The San Francisco Parent Political Action Committee (Parent PAC) is pleased to announce that we have been working in collaboration with Supervisors Mark Farrell and Jane Kim to help make afterschool programming for all families, at each school site, a reality. Additionally, the Parent PAC would like to recognize and thank Board of Education Commissioner Jill Wynns for her leadership in the school district on this issue. We also want to acknowledge Maria Su and Sandra Naughton at the Department of Children, Youth, and their Families (DCYF) for their tireless work and leadership in this area. Although the goal of “Afterschool for All” has not yet been achieved, the Parent PAC views the hearing below, called for by Supervisor Farrell, as an important step forward.
We can’t do this important work without your support; you can help us continue to communicate with families and elected officials about important issues like high quality afterschool programming. Please consider donating by credit card or by check.


– The Parent PAC Steering Committee


For Immediate Release            

October 22, 2013                                                              

Contact:  Office of Supervisor Mark Farrell  415.554.7752

                Catherine Stefani  415.554.7720

                Margaux Kelly  415-554-7733

                Jess Montejano  415-554-7756



SAN FRANCISCO – At today’s meeting of the Board of Supervisors, Supervisor Farrell called for a hearing to evaluate the status of San Francisco’s Afterschool for All Initiative.  Progress has been made since Mayor Newsom and then Superintendent of Schools Gwen Chan made a pledge in 2005 to support the creation of a citywide afterschool system.   However, eight years later, we are still faced with a situation where an estimated 27% or 10,400 elementary and middle school youth who want access to afterschool programs do not currently have access to them.   

“If we are serious about keeping families in San Francisco, we need to take action that will actually make a difference,” stated Supervisor Farrell.  “We need to provide our working families with practical options for childcare, including afterschool programs at every school site across San Francisco.”


Currently, there is not enough “capacity” at schools to offer afterschool programming to all the children who need it at that school.  This forces parents to either leave work to take their child to another afterschool location and/or rely on MUNI or other forms of public transportation to take their children to yet another location.  Data indicates that most SFUSD parents prefer school-based afterschool programs over programs located off campus.  

While SFUSD currently sponsors 69 afterschool programs across elementary and middle school campuses, not all children in need at those schools are served by those programs.  In addition, at 10 SFUSD schools serving K-8, the district does not sponsor any afterschool programs.   Our Department of Children, Youth and Their Families has been working diligently on this issue by creating and facilitating the Afterschool for All Advisory Committee – now renamed the Expanded Learning Collaborative.  The San Francisco Unified School District is also working on increasing access and Commissioner Jill Wynns plans to introduce a resolution soon at the Board of Education to address this issue. 

“Afterschool programs help support working families by providing safe, healthy and educational environments for children while their parents work,” said Supervisor Farrell.  “They should be an essential part of our educational system.”

The hearing will give an opportunity to those departments who have been working on this issue to share the progress they have made, and will also examine how we can make changes to guarantee that if a parent needs their child to receive afterschool programming at the same school where the child attends, they are guaranteed a spot.


July 25, 2013

Having a good summer? We hope it’s filled with lots of watermelon and laughs, with bee stings and sunburns at a minimum.

We want to let you know what the SF Parent PAC has been up to, to keep you in the loop. As a Political Action Committee for San Francisco’s parents, we’re busy trying to make our city a place where families can thrive.

This is what we worked on in the past year:

  • We helped re-elect Sandy Fewer, Rachel Norton, and Jill Wynns to the School Board, raising close to $45,000 and sending two mailers to some 50,000 households.
  • We supported a parks bond measure called Prop B, which ensures almost $200 million will be invested in our city’s park and recreation infrastructure. Most of the funding will go to traditionally underserved neighborhoods in the Southeastern part of the city.
  • We strongly supported building new soccer fields behind the Beach Chalet in Golden Gate Park, which were approved by the California Coastal Commission. The new fields will mean many more kids will get a chance to play in improved conditions.
  • We successfully lobbied City Hall to fully Fund the Public Education Enrichment Fund which will make sure every public elementary school will have a full time Physical Education teacher and librarian in the upcoming school year.
  • We helped pass Prop 30, which gives California’s public education system more funding.

These are our priorities going forward:

  • The reauthorization of the Public Education Enrichment Fund, which dedicates some City funds to ensure sports, arts, music and libraries in our public schools.
  • The reauthorization of the Children’s Fund, which sets aside some property tax funds for a wide array of children and youth programming, including parks and recreation, afterschool programming, athletics, academic enrichment, and more. . .
  • Analyzing the school district’s education reform application with the federal government.
  • Looking for outstanding candidates to run for School Board in 2014.

A special note on Afterschool Care:

  • Finding good and reliable afterschool care is difficult for all working parents. It doesn’t matter where you live or what you make. While some schools offer great programs for all students, too many don’t. We believe every school can be like Commodore Sloat and Jose Ortega, offering the same level of high quality afterschool programming for all. We are already talking to officials on the school board, at the school district, and City Hall to make “Afterschool for All” at every school a reality.

We can’t do this important work without your support. You can help us continue to communicate with families and elected officials about these important issues. Please consider a contribution. You can donate by credit card:

Or by check:

Have a wonderful rest of the summer!!