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October 26, 2014

SF Parent PAC November 2014 Endorsements

For an easy-to-print sheet to take to the voting booth, click November 2014 Endorsements.

Board of Education

emily murase

Dr. Emily Murase

mark murphy

Mark Murphy

shamann walton

Shamann Walton


Community College Board

rodrigo santos

Rodrigo Santos (4 yr seat)

thea selby

Thea Selby (4 yr seat)

amy bacharach

Dr. Amy Bacharach (2 yr seat)


State Assembly

david chiu

David Chiu AD17

phil ting

Phil Ting AD19


San Francisco Ballot Measures

Yes on C

Invest in our children and our schools!

Prop E logo

To fund PE, school nutrition and recreation programs

No on G

Stop the 24% housing tax


Don’t lock our kids out!


Former Clinton Labor Secretary Robert Reich and Supe. Yee Endorse the Soda Tax And Check Out Your Supe’s “Family Friendly Report Card”

September 28, 2014

The San Francisco Parent Political Action Committee (Parent PAC) is pleased to announce that former Clinton Secretary of Labor, Robert Reich and District 7 Supervisor Norman Yee have endorsed Yes on Proposition E–The Soda Tax.  Supe Yee is the 8th Supervisor to endorse the measure.

Secretary Reich and Supervisor Yee’s support adds to an incredibly broad based and diverse grassroots coalition that includes the SF Democratic Party, The Alice B Toklas LGBT Dem Club, The SF Tenants Union, The Willie B Kennedy African American Dem Club, The Bernal Heights Dem Club, The San Francisco PTA, SEIU 1021, United Food and Commercial Workers Local 648, UESF, The American Heart Association, The California Medical Association and many more. . . For a complete list of endorsements check out

Have you ever wondered how “family friendly” your Supervisor is?
Here is the Parent PAC “Family Friendly” Report Card on all 11 Supervisors.  Check out your Supervisor’s grade and see if she needs to report to office hours for extra credit!

SF Parent PAC Makes Endorsements for November 2014

July 30, 2014

For Immediate Release:


July 29, 2014

Contact Tajel Shah, President, SF Parent PAC


Phone: 415-987-7672


SF Parent PAC Endorses Emily Murase, Mark Murphy, and Shamann Walton for SF Board of Education and Other Updates

Last week the San Francisco Parent Political Action Committee (Parent PAC) proudly endorsed Emily Murase , Mark Murphy , and Shamann Walton  for Board of Education for the November 2014 election.  The Parent PAC was impressed with all three candidates’ extensive history of advocating for children and better public schools in all neighborhoods in San Francisco.

At the same meeting, the Parent PAC also endorsed Board of Education Commissioners’ Sandra Fewer and Rachel Norton’s resolution to change the “tie-breakers” in the public school assignment system.  The resolution calls for “flipping” the Census Tract Integration Preference (CTIP 1) and the “Neighborhood Preference” tie-breakers.  If this resolution is adopted by the school board, it will result in families having a higher probability of getting assigned to their “attendance area” school.  City-wide schools and programs (Immersion programs and K-8 schools) will be unaffected.  The Parent PAC hopes that this small change will give San Francisco’s families more predictability regarding where their child will attend kindergarten.  For more information, please read Jill Tucker’s article  about the proposed change.

Finally, the Parent PAC is pleased to announce that on Tuesday, July 22, the Soda Tax was officially placed on the November, 2014 ballot.  The Soda Tax is a $.02 per ounce tax on sugar sweetened beverages.  Recent data indicates that if passed, the Soda Tax will reduce consumption of sugary beverages in San Francisco by up to 31% while simultaneously raising up to $54 million earmarked for nutrition, active recreation, and education.  This tax will take a 2/3 majority of San Francisco voters to pass.  You can find more information at .  

The Parent PAC was founded by and for San Francisco parents and is committed to giving parents a voice in the political process to positively impact the lives of all San Francisco families.  The Parent PAC supports and promotes city candidates, measures, and policies that will most effectively ensure high quality education for every child in every neighborhood, increase access to affordable youth programs that support working families and enrich the lives of our children and sustain healthy, safe and vibrant communities city-wide.  We can’t do this work alone, please consider contributing to the Parent PAC so we can make San Francisco a city where families can thrive! 


The Drumbeat Continues–The Democratic Party and Parents For Public School Join The Soda Tax Grassroots Coalition

February 28, 2014
The San Francisco Parent Political Action Committee (SF Parent PAC) is pleased to announce that last night, February 26, 2014, the San Francisco Democratic Party overwhelmingly passed a Resolution calling on the Board of Supervisors to place The Soda Tax on the Nov 2014 ballot. The vote was 19-2 in favor of the Resolution. For more information you can contact the San Francisco Democratic Party at
In other Soda Tax news, today, Parents For Public School in San Francisco (PPSSF) announced its endorsement of the Soda Tax.
The SF Parent PAC welcomes both organizations to a growing grassroots coalition of supporters who are prioritizing the health of San Francisco’s children.
You can read PPSSF’s press release below.
SF Parent PAC Steering Committee


Funds to support recreation and nutrition programs in schools and the broader community.

San Francisco, California – On February 24, 2014, the Board of Directors of Parents for Public Schools of San Francisco (PPS-SF) unanimously voted in favor of supporting a two cent per ounce tax on sugary beverages sold in San Francisco. The group touted the financial windfall – estimated to be approximately $31M annually – to schools and city agencies to support health and wellness as its primary reason for supporting the initiative.

“At PPS-SF, we talk with parents every day,” said Board President Matt Kelemen. “They know, and we know, that good health and success in school are deeply connected. Any chance we can take to promote good health for kids – and generate much-needed revenue for our public schools at the same time – is a step in the right direction.”

A Harvard School of Public Health report showed that one out of three children in the United States is overweight or obese. Furthermore, a study by G. A. Bray and B.M. Popkin in Pediatric Obesity revealed that consumption of calorie-sweetened beverages has continued to increase and may play a role in the obesity epidemic, metabolic syndrome and fatty liver disease, whereas reducing intake of soft drinks is associated with less weight gain and metabolic improvement.

According to research published by Halfon, DuPlessis, and Inkelas in 2007, disease prevention and health promotion affect the trajectory of children’s development, including reducing risk factors and strengthening protective ones.

“We are eager to see financial support – coupled with a coordinated, cross-departmental implementation strategy across our city and school district offices – to enrich children and families’ understanding of the physical and emotional benefits of adopting a healthy diet and regular exercise regime,” said PPS-SF’s Executive Director, Masharika Prejean Maddison. “It is imperative that our children are afforded the opportunity to learn how to effectively nourish their bodies to promote long, healthy, and prosperous lives.”

About Parents for Public Schools of San Francisco

The mission of PPS-SF is to support student success by developing effective school-parent partnerships, strong parent relationships, and broad community support for public education.




February 21, 2014

The San Francisco Parent Political Action Committee (SF Parent PAC) is pleased to pass along the following information regarding Bay Area polling on a Soda Tax.  The following is a press release from Choose Health SF.  Choose Health SF is a local political committee organizing to pass a local Soda Tax.
FEB 20, 2014
Today, the Field Research Corporation released their latest poll numbers on the soda tax. In the San Francisco Bay Area, voters overwhelmingly support a tax on soda and other sugary drinks by 78%!

That follows the Field Poll from last year that showed San Francisco Bay Area voters supported the tax at 75%. Let’s keep that number growing!

We expect to see those numbers continue to climb as awareness rises about the negative health impacts of sodas and other sugar-sweetened drinks.

The Field Poll aligns closely with our own polling from FM3 showing support for this measure in the mid 60’s as well as a poll from the McCarthy Center at USF mirroring our own results.

All 4 polls tell the same story – San Franciscans understand the harmful effects of sodas and sugar-sweetened drinks on the health of our community, and they support the revenue that will fund physical and nutrition education in our public schools, sports programs at our rec centers and access to healthy food and clean drinking water fountains and water bottle filling stations.

Let’s stand together for healthy kids and healthy communities!

We are printing signs to post in businesses in your neighborhood. Can you help us get those signs printed by donating today? Go to Your contribution of $50, $150, or $250 will pay for the signs that show support.

Big Soda can write a blank check for their “astro-turf campaign” – but your donation will supporta real, grassroots effort neighborhood by neighborhood.

Thank you for your support.

–Choose Health SF Campaign Team

P.S. Please show your support for Healthy Kids, Healthy Communities by donating today! There are no contribution limits. The more you donate the more signs we can print and distribute!



Support For The Soda Tax Continues to Grow–Senator Leno, Assemblymember Ammiano, and Supervisor Chiu Endorse The Soda Tax

January 30, 2014
The San Francisco Parent Political Action Committee (Parent PAC) applauds Senator Mark LenoAssemblymember Tom Ammiano, and President of the Board of Supervisors David Chiu for their endorsement of “The Soda Tax” legislation being sponsored by Supervisors Wiener, Mar, Cohen, and Avalos.  In additions Supervisor Chiu has added his name as the 5th co-sponsor of the legislation.
The legislation calls for a $.02 per ounce tax on all beverages with 25 or more calories per 12 ounces and added caloric sweeteners, including sodas, sports drinks, and energy drinks.  The tax does not apply to diet sodas, 100% fruit and vegetable juices, or milk.
The Soda Tax is expected to raise $31 million annually in revenue.  This new revenue will be allocated to San Francisco’s public schools, Rec and Parks, Dept of Public Health and SF Public Utilities Commission to expand and improve programs focused on nutrition, physical education, and access to healthy foods.
The Parent PAC endorsed The Soda Tax on December 11, 2013.  The San Francisco Board of Education endorsed the measure on January 14, 2014.
Please consider supporting the Parent PAC so we can continue to advocate on behalf of San Francisco’s Children!
Please find President of the Board of Supervisor’s Press Release announcing his support for The Soda Tax below


January 30, 2014

Contact: Nicole Derse, Campaign Spokesperson

Cell: 415-652-4979

Assembly Candidate David Chiu Announces

Early Support for Soda Tax Measure

SAN FRANCISCO (January 30, 2014):  Today, San Francisco Board of Supervisors President David Chiu announced his early support for the soda tax measure that will appear on the local November ballot.  He will join his colleagues as a co-sponsor for the measure.

Board of Supervisors President David Chiu will join a diverse coalition of supporters at the campaign kickoff this Saturday, February 1st at 10:00 am at the Bayview Hunters Point YMCA at 1601 Lane Street in San Francisco.

“Childhood obesity is seriously impacting our communities, and we must do something about it,” said Chiu.  “This ballot measure will provide critical resources for health education and recreation opportunities for children across San Francisco.”

Supervisor Chiu is proud to join Supervisors Scott Wiener, Eric Mar, Malia Cohen, the San Francisco Board of Education, parents, health professionals, and community advocates in support for this measure.

The David Chiu for Assembly campaign continues to grow each week.  For more information on his campaign and on President Chiu’s record, please visit